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Our job is to create the exact product you imagine. We use the material you demand, use the design you imagine, make the sizes you need, and make the packaging you would like to see. You just provide us the details of what you need by actual samples or artworks, then our team will share their ideas to make you 100% satisfied in getting the right product. 

The materials we use in the production of our socks;

-Different quality and thicknesses of cotton mainly; regenerated, carded, combed or mercerized.

-Different quality and thicknesses of polyamide, polyester or elastane as plating yarn.

-Technical yarns such as Coolmax polyester, Thermolite, acrylic, flame resistant yarns, antibacterial yarns or silver ionized yarns.

-Natural yarns such as organic cotton, merino wool, viscose, modal, or bamboo. 

The treatments we are able to apply to the socks;

-Silicon or antibacterial washing, 

-Silicon printing to the sole,

-Paper printing of your logo,

-Embroidery, lace, ribbon, stone applications, 

-Full sublimation-digital printing

-Leather sole kids socks (moccasins)


Our minimum order quantities are considerably low and our order delivery times are usually between 5-7 weeks after confirmation of the order. Have a look at below for the products we are able to produce, then we will be looking forward to hearing from you. 



We usually produce men socks in 156 and 168 needle Lonati Machines. However, according to specific demands, we may use 200 needle machines as well. 

Our minimum order quantity is 1000 pairs per model/size/colour for men carded cotton socks. In order to see some men socks styles that we have done so far, click the photo above.



We usually produce women socks in 144-156 needle Lonati machines. We are able to make most complicated designs and use various types of materials in our women socks.  

Our minimum order quantity is 1000 pairs per model/size/colour for women carded cotton socks. 

In order to see some of our women socks styles, click the photo above.

kids socks and tights


We are one of the best supplier of cotton tights in Istanbul. We use high technology Yuki sewing machines for our tights production.

108, 120, 132 and 144 needle machines are perfect for the production of different size range of kids/babies socks. 

Our minimum order quantity is only 360 pieces per model/size/colour for cotton tights.

In order to see some of our kids socks&tights styles, click the photo above.

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