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The advantages of working with Turkish supplier

Turkey, according to International Trade Center data, is the world's second largest socks exporter.

One in every three people in Europe today is wearing a pair of the socks made in Turkey. This stocking industry continues to grow with its own quality understanding and opportunities. Our industry; apart from the work discipline, unity, togetherness, and self-confidence attracts attention. The sector continues to grow day by day.

Because of the quality of production in Turkey, much higher than the standards, the country produces all its socks within Turkey. Most of the materials as well are made in Turkey, and Turkey captures a competitive advantage with a strong production quality. It is not always easy to solve problems with foreign suppliers concerning the quality of the goods ordered, however, Turkey has a flexible and understanding way of communication due to its capacity and opportunity to have all necessary conditions to produce the right product.

Hettatex has its own manufacturing facility and is a supplier of home fabrics products, in addition to the manufacture of socks, operating in coordination with its own knitted and woven textiles factory, one of the largest in Denizli city. Hettatex supplies custom, cotton, bamboo and modal socks. It's easy to get to the favorite socks for streetwear lovers, athletes, and skaters with our happy socks. We can produce colourful fashion socks whatever colour or pattern you desire.

The best thing is that we can create the same product which the customer image. Because we have our own factory, we can also use the material or the artwork that our customer wants. This is the best advantage when you create your own brand and marketing.

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