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Home Textiles Industry in Turkey

When it is said textiles industry, Turkey is one of the first comes to minds, with the wide range of products with the industry constantly improves itself. It is possible to see that Turkish bath towels, fitted sheets, pillow cases, blankets, bath maths, piques, peshtemals, kitchen towels and bathrobes, curtains and weaving are preferred in many locations from the world's leading hotel chains to the number of restaurants, homes, hospitals and SPAs will be true.

Turkish Home Textile Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TETSIAD) President Ali Sami Aydin pointed out that the top ten countries that the sector exports to are Germany, USA, Russia, Italy, England, France, Netherlands, Poland, Iran and Romania.

Referring to the importance of the home textile sector in foreign trade, Aydin said, as the home textile sector, we realized 2.7 billion dollars export in 2016 and 2.8 billion dollars in 2017. We will close 2018 with 3 billion dollars export. We aim to exceed $ 3 billion. We are a strong sector that exports to over 170 countries." used the phrase. Turkey Home Textile Sector, which reached $ 2 billion in exports, caused serious competition between textile and garment manufacturers.

“Turkey exports to EU countries at a value above the average import unit price of the EU. The average unit price of EU's textile imports is 4.2 Euro; price is 4.5 euros on imports from Turkey. The average unit price in Germany's textile imports was 4.9 Euro; 5.5 Euro in imports from Turkey”. Turkey is the largest supplier in Europe and export to 170 countries. Turkey is the only country that produces collections, designs and manufactures at the same time and aim to grow R & D, design and innovation with increasing investments day by day.

Turkish textiles exporters want to include home textiles in apparel exports, while ready-wearers oppose it. Behind this fight is the annual membership fee income of 2-10 million dollars. The textile and apparel sectors, which experienced an average loss of 10 percent in exports last year, cannot share the home textile sector, which has reached exports worth approximately $ 2 billion.

Textile exporters, Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) appear in the home textile garment exports was admitted to the TIM records management to get their site. On the other hand, the garment facades express that home textiles cannot be taken from them in any way. Turkey has surplus of over 3.5 billion dollars in home textile, knitting, woven fabrics and technical textiles.

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